Welcome by Enrico Rosina

New version of the site

After more than 10 years of ininterrupted presence, my site was in need for a revision. The technology which I had used (java applets) is not supported in the browsers anymore. Although there still was people playing to Skip-Bo on my old site, they were each year fewer who could play. As soon as they changed their computer, they could not find the necessary plugin for the game.

So I am now rebuilding my site and it is time consuming... I published it as is, but it is still in maintenance, thank you for understanding.

Have fun!
Enrico Rosina

New versions of the Skip-Bo cards game

You will soon have three versions at your service:

  • One version can already be used in your browser, at the address phpskip.anisor.ch. There is nothing to download, you play directly.

    For this version I had to rewrite completely the game in the php language. The accustomed users will find that the game is not as complete as the previous one, but it already shows what it will be looking like when finished.

  • One version is specially developed as a phone app, but it wil only run on Android. This version will soon be available for downloading.

  • THE version ("THE" in capitals because it's my preferred version), will be downloadable and installable on your computer. But it's always the same, having a finished game is not enough, there must be an installer application as well. I do have an installer, but so aged that I don't dare distribute it. It needs to be rewiewed too.

    What's more, for philosophical reasons I don't have a Windows operating system (I am using Linux), so I cannot check myself if the installer is running well on other operating systems. I'm confident that it could run but not create automatically the shortcuts for launching the game.

Just a word on my site's look.

I hope that you may have noticed that there is no advertizing on my site. Or if I may give a reference, it is 100% in an uninterrested manner. Personally, I like to keep the site sober, and you may see that it's obvious.

New provider

I also changed my provider and now it is Infomaniak hosting the pages.