A game inspired by Skip-Bo

Friendly welcome to all visitors. You found the Enrico Rosina's personal website.

On this site you can play vs your computer to a cards game inspired by the "Skip-Bo".

The game is actually translated in four languages (French, English, Italian, German). There are three levels of difficulty. It is possible to change the cards animation speed, according to your computer's performances; it is also possible to choose the number of cards to play, and so fix the average play duration.

In the menu of the game itself, and also on the presentation page you will find the game's rules and all necessary information.

I hope you will have noticed that there is no advertising on my site. But I would like to be grateful, naming the tools used to create this game, because they are available for free on the web.

Have fun!

Last news (July 2015)

Some new country flags appeared on the site during these last months: Madagascar, Honduras, Gibraltar, Congo, Afghanistan, Irak. Best greetings to these new visitors.

The webhosting contract of this site has been extended and now includes a database module. This will not be significant for you, but for me it's a progress beacause all I have to do is store the visitors counts in the database, and after that all the data is automatically displayed on the page.

The visitors statistics have been updated, and are now displayed whith all the years in one single page.

Please don't be afraid to contact me, even for unimportant matter. Your advice is important to me, because I am not always aware of the problems you can experiment. I engage myself to respond personnally to everyone.

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