Skip-Bo as Web version

There is no need to install Skip-Bo, it is a small program which can be run directly in a Web Browser.

I have been able to run the game on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Chromium, and on three operating systems: Linux, Windows and Mac (which does not exclude other browsers or operating systems).

To launch the game, you must authorize the "Applets" execution in the security options. It is also necessary that a "Java" plug-in is available for your browser. This plugin can be easily downloaded from the site. You may be confident with this installation.

Just a remark: do not confuse the Java plugin mentioned above with the "JavaScript", which has nothing to do with Java. Unlike Java, JavaScript is automatically included in all browsers, because most web sites use it to obtain more interactivity in their pages. Although JavaScript means more danger for you, you might not dare to disable it, otherwise browsing the internet would be almost impossible.

Skip-Bo as web version stores your settings (language, game's level, etc.) in small files called "cookies" on your hard disk. In fact, Skip-Bo doesn't really do it itself, but asks the browser to do it for it. In this way you will find your preferred settings the next time you come on the site. You can see the Skip-Bo's cookies. For example, with Firefox : Menu "Edit => Settings => Privacy". Then, clic on the "Show cookies..." button and search for the address

Skip-Bo as installable version

Skip-Bo also exists as an installable version, which advantage is to preserve more easily your preferences for the next time, and, of course, to avoid an Internet connection and to be more quickly loaded. This version is identical to the one which runs in a Web Browser. Only the container (the display window), and the storage mode of the user's preferences ("cookie" or file) are different.

If the browser is blocking the Skip-Bo

Since the 2013 version of Java (Java 7 Update 51), some new problems may arise at the Skip-Bo launch, due to some security rules enforcements. You will find more information about this on this site.

In short, the new versions of Java require now that an application like the Skip-Bo be electronically signed and authentified by certain authorities. In the past this certification was optional, but now it becomes almost mandatory, and without it some browsers may block the execution. In this case the user may be obliged to handle with some complicated parameters to configure an exception.

All this seems exagerated to me, because the Skip-Bo did never need to have access to your hard disk. It would have been enough that this stay forbidden like in the past. Instead of it, the certification brings many more problems. First, the certification is not free of charge. Then, more annoying, it becomes impossible afterwards to enhance the program or correct a bug, because it would require to restart the whole process to obtain a new certification. Which to me is very restrictive.

I have not already decided what to do yet. I may try to obtain a certificate from an "Open Source" community. Or maybe I will publish the installable (downloadable) version of the Skip-Bo. But this one would also require some more work from myself because I would have to update it...

In the meanwhile, if your browser is blocking the Skip-Bo, I suggest you to read for example this page which will show you how to configure your security settings. On Linux, though, I think that these options cannot be found in the system settings. Instead of it, you will find a program named "ControlPanel" in the Java installation directory. Unfortunately, if you did the Java installation with a superuser account, this will not work because you will not be superuser when you will launch your browser (or at least you should not be). So most likely you will have to manually edit the file "/home/your-name/.java/deployment/security/exception.sites", and simply add a line with the name of the site, "" (unquoted).

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