Game's description

Game's context

It is impossible to play against other humans. We can play only against one single opponent, the computer.

The game's options are:

  • Language (currently 4 languages are available).
  • The number of cards on the stock pile.
  • The game level (easy, medium, difficult).
  • The animation speed.
  • Screen size.
  • Choice of the set of images.

Piles positions

All your cards are located at the bottom of the screen. From left to right, you will find: the stock pile (you must empty it to win), your five "in hand" cards, and four discard piles (empty at game's start).

The cards of your opponent are all at the top of the screen, some of them face down.

Full center, there is the draw pile (from where you can refill your hand during the play).

And finally, all around the draw pile, four "building piles" on which you must deposit the cards in increasing order (from one to twelve).

At the top of the screen: your opponent's cards
Sabot          Main-AMain-BMain-CMain-DMain-E          Reserve-AReserve-BReserve-CReserve-D
Stock pile          Hand cards          Discard piles
Full center:
the draw pile
Centre-ouestDistributeurCentre-estAround the draw pile:
4 building piles
Stock pile          Hand cards          Discard piles
Sabot          Main-AMain-BMain-CMain-DMain-E          Reserve-AReserve-BReserve-CReserve-D
At the bottom of the screen: your own cards

Card moving

You have several ways to move a card:

  • Drag it to the chosen destination.
  • Click once on the card to move, then click once on the destination pile.
  • When there is obviously only one possible move, you can double-click on the card, and it will (probably) go right to where you wanted to.

Game's rules

The aim of the game is to play all the cards which are on your stock pile, before your opponent (= the computer). In the game options, you can chose the number of stock pile cards. This number will decide the game's duration.

You have to play your cards on the four "building piles" (empty at the beginning of the game). You must play the cards in increasing order, from one to twelve. When one of these piles reaches the number twelve, we go on from one again, and so on, until the end of the game. One joker represents obviously any value, so you can always play it where you want.

As long as you can play cards on the building piles, you keep your turn and the opponent must wait. And if you finish all your "in hand" cards, just double-click on the draw pile and your hand will be refilled, so you keep your turn and continue playing.

You keep your turn as long as you can play cards on the building piles, and your turn finishes only when you cannot do it anymore, or when you prefer avoid playing a card which would be an advantage for your opponent.

When there is no solution left, or (as just said) if you don't want to continue, then you must deposit a card from your hand to a discard pile, so it will be your opponent's turn. Later, you can use your discard piles as supplementary possibilities. So be careful, not to hide a playable card under a non-playable one! Use the four discard piles, and try to keep them in an order which will help you at next turn.

Last but not least, if you don't know the "Skip-Bo" well, then don't forget the "Help... Hint" menu, which is able to help you for your next move.

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