A game inspired by Skip-Bo

Impossible to start the Applet! Verify if your browser allows them... and also if your Java version is at least 1.6

Normally the current page loads automatically the components required for the game's launching. This may take several seconds, or even somewhat more time. If after a while you still see nothing in the rectangle here above, then please read the comments on the installation page.

Since the 2013 version of Java (Java 7 Update 51), some new problems may arise at the Skip-Bo launch, due to some security rules enforcements. If this happens to you, as here above I suggest you to read the installation page.

Please don't be afraid to contact me, even for unimportant matter. Your advice is important to me, because I am not always aware of the problems you can experiment. I engage myself to respond personnally to everyone.

Last update of the game: August 2013.

Last update of the Home page: July 2015.

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